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Running and Winning

League Activities

LWVNJ Awards Cocktail Party and Convention, May 1 and 2, 2015

In May 2015 several Camden County League members participated in these interesting LWVNJ activities.
There are a lot more pictures of both events online. Cocktail party: here. Convention: here.

Five Camden County members at the Awards reception

Barbara Kutscher (2nd from left) represented Burlington County. Harriet Snyder (2nd from right) represented Camden County in the "Parade of Leagues".

New LWVNJ board, including two from CamCo and one from BurlCo. Go south Jersey! And several from the Young People's Network -- go youth!

CamCo at Cocktail party Parade New board

LWVUS Convention 2014

In June 2014 Ed Gracely represented the LWVCC at the LWVUS Convention in Dallas, TX.

At the wares table

Two NJ Delegates with the LWVNJ banner. We held it up to gather our delegates.

LWVNJ President Zimmer giving the NJ 2-year highlights in the Roll Call of the States

Wares Banner Zimmer

LWVCC Annual Meeting 2014

On May 3, 2014 the LWVCC heard from two speakers about end of life issues in NJ. A law is being proposed that would allow assisted suicides in restricted cases. The speakers discussed the law and its pros and cons. The League doesn't have a position on this topic..

Joe Friedman, introducing speaker

Harriet Snyder, presenting

Our speakers interacting with the audience

Friedman Snyder Audience

LWVNJ Spring workshops, 2014

On April 26, 2014 the LWVNJ spring workshops took place. Here are two pictures involving south Jersey attendees, plus one of the main panel. More pictures are available at the LWVNJ Facebook page here and here. A local member's unofficial "report" on the event is here.

Ed Gracely and "Sojourner Truth"

Loretta Lynch Burlco President, presenting

LWVNJ President Zimmer and the panel

sojourner Lynch Panel

Annual Meeting 2013

On May 18, 2013 our Annual Meeting took place, this year at Caffe Aldo Lamberti. Our keynote speaker was James E. Harris, President of the NJ NAACP. Harriet Snyder, our treasurer, helped organize and run the activities of the day. Good food, good company, interesting speech. A fine way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon..

James E. Harris, NAACP


Harriet Snyder leading part of the meeting

Working Presenting Presenting

Running & Winning 2013

On April 9, 2013 we ran our annual Running & Winning event, this year at Cherry Hill HS West. The students met with elected officials, worked in groups to plan a campaign, the presented their campaign as if it was a real election. THese activities are becoming more and more technology-driven as the years pass! There are a lot more pictures of Running & Winning events over the years, and a detailed description of the program on our Running & Winning event page, here.

Working in a group

Vote for me!

No, vote for ME! (Note Powerpoint presentation)

Working Presenting Presenting

LWVNJ Convention 4-30-2011

In April 2011 several LWVCC members attended state Convention, either as delegates or as members of the LWVNJ board.

Co-Presidents ready to make decisions!

Co-President Winnefred Rowell-Bullard
presenting our local successes

Outgoing (L) LWVNJ president Anne Maiese
from the LWVCC and incoming President Toni Zimmer (R)

Co-Presidents Presenting Transitions

Running & Winning 2011

On April 13, 2011 we ran our annual Running & Winning event, this year at Eastern High School in Voorhees. The students met with elected officials, worked in groups to plan a campaign, the presented their campaign as if it was a real election. There are a lot more pictures of Running & Winning events over the years, and a detailed description of the program on our Running & Winning event page, here.

Working in a group

Vote for me!

No, no, vote for ME!

Working Presenting Presenting

Fall Kickoff September 14, 2010

In September 2010 the LWVCC organized a "Call to Service" Summit with information and training provided by the Citizens Campaign and a panel of local leaders. It was held at the CIM Center of Camden County College, Blackwood Campus. Around 100 people attended. We hope many of them will continue to answer the call to service!

Registering attendees (Hover cursor for details)

Part of the audience

Co-President Winnefred Rowell-Bullard
introducing the session

Registering Audience Introduction

Joyce Alexander Walker presenting on the
Call to Service approach

Co-President Harriet Snyder introducing
the keynote speaker

Panel of local leaders (hover cursor for details)

Walker presenting Snyder Panel

At LWVUS Convention 2010

Four members of the LWVCC were at National (LWVUS) Convention in Atlanta in June 2010. Co-Presidents Harriet Snyder and Winne Rowell-Bullard went, and found the experience to be inspiring and educational. Members Ed Gracely and Anne Maiese are on the LWVNJ state board (Anne is the President thereof) and went as representatives of the state League. They both enjoy conventions and find them very worthwhile experiences. In addition to attending sessions, Anne participated in a panel to describe our award-winning Running & Winning activity for high school girls, and Ed helped run a session on issues in election auditing.

LWVCC Co-Presidents Harriet (L) and Winne

NJ attendees at Convention (Hover cursor for info)

Anne Maiese summoning NJ

Co-presidents NJ delegates Calling NJ

Registering Voters

One of the classic League activities. Yes, we really do it, although it is by no means our only (or main) activity! One of the most satisfying places to register voters is after the Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens every few months in Camden. Freshly-minted Americans, eager to participate in democracy, and the League is THERE to register them to vote! Here are some pictures from our voter registration activities.

2010 -- After the Naturalization Ceremony in Camden

2010 -- Ditto. More new citizens, ready to vote (with Winne!)

2009 -- with collaborators from Delta Sigma Theta

Naturalization Naturalization Voter reg

Member Appreciation Brunch June 27, 2010

Paid up members were treated to brunch at the Coastline in Cherry Hill, after which we heard about some opportunities for members to become involved and to learn skills.

Member Appreciation attendees
At this meeting, we heard about a number of opportunities and tasks:
Many of these tasks provide an amazing opportunity for personal development. You could learn to be comfortable and skilled as a public speaker (moderating), learn how to prepare an organization's budget or keep its books, how to organize a program, write for publication, facilitate a small group (as part of Running & Winning)… The League provides leadership training (consider it a perk of membership!). Now it's up to you…

Claudia Tucker-Keto

2001 -- Rally in Trenton for Campaign Finance Reform

In 2001 a number of LWVCC members went to Trenton to see and support "Granny D", a senior citizen who walked the country for campaign finance reform, and Steve Ma, who did the same in NJ. Preliminary to the rally, we all made personal plackards in support of reforming campaigns!

LWVCC contingent

Steve Ma and Granny D make their entrance!

Steve Ma and Granny D addressing the crowd

LWVCC group Granny D Steve and Granny D Speaking

Vist to NJ American Water, October 2009

The League has long been interested in environmental issues, including clean water. So we took a tour of the NJ American plant in Delran, to learn more about how our local water is processed and cleaned. We saw both a scale model and an actual room with a "superpulsator". The water flows into the bottom, percolates up through the slats, and leaves its particles and such behind before exiting at the top.

Water purification: Initial purification is with ozone, which is generated electrically from oxygen (as happens in a thunderstorm). Later a bit of chlorine is added to maintain purity. The devices to generate ozone are quite large as well!

Superpulsator scale model

Superpulsator room

Ozone generator

Superpuls scale Superpulse room Ozone generator

Meetings with Speakers

Several times a year we hold meetings for our membership, many of which are open to potential members or the public. Often we have interesting speakers to address the League on local topics.

2007 Chad Tolman, Global Warming expert

2008 Zach Stalberg, Committee of 70 (Philadelphia)

2010 Hon. Dana Redd, Mayor of Camden

Tolman Stalberg Redd

2011, Benjamin Brickner, Redistricting Expert


2004 fall LWVCC Kickoff -- visit to the statehouse and Old Barracks Museum via the River Line

We all met up and took the "green" route to Trenton on the train. We began with a very interesting tour of the Old Barracks Museum, with historical actors presenting their "side" of historical events and reenacting scenes. Then we visited the statehouse, saw meeting rooms, and had a good informative time!

The Old Barracks Museum

The group in front of the statehouse

The Assembly chamber

Old Barracks Group Assembly mtg room

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