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League of Women Voters of Camden County (NJ)

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A nonpartisan political organization of women and men, promoting political responsibility through informed and
active participation in government.

Debates and Moderating

The LWV can help you organize a debate/forum.

We can also provide a moderator and time keeper. There is generally a modest fee for this service.

Some useful documents:

The ground rules, draft format, and invitation letter are in Word format, to allow modification. The letter definitely needs to be modified. The format may be used without modification if it fits your needs, or edited if it does not (in either case, remove our lead in paragraph that says you can change it!). Modify the ground rules only carefully and in close contact with the League -- most of these are based on experience and should not be lightly changed.

URL: http://www.lwvnj.org/camdencounty/debates.html
Last updated: Oct 17, 2015. New versions of the ground rules and checklist uploaded
Comments: lwvcc@hotmail.com
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