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League of Women Voters of Camden County (NJ)

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A nonpartisan political organization of women and men, promoting political responsibility through informed and
active participation in government.


PRIMARY ELECTION - Held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June. The Presidential Primary has been moved back to this date as well.

In a primary, members of a political party nominate their party candidates for the general election, and elect party county committeemen/women from their respective election districts, state committee members in gubernatorial years, and delegates and alternates to the national convention in presidential election years.

In New Jersey, only parties attaining 10 percent or more of statewide votes in previous elections participate in the primary. Currently, only the Republican and Democratic parties qualify to do so.

Voters may now designate a party when they register to vote. Those without a party affiliation may declare one at the polls for a primary election. Once affiliated with a party, a voter who wishes to change parties must file a declaration at least 55 days before the primary election. Note that "unaffiliated" and "independent" do NOT (as of 2005) count as parties in New Jersey. Unaffiliated voters may declare a party at the polls. Voters affiliated with smaller parties (such as Green and Libertarian) do not participate in primaries.

GENERAL ELECTION - Held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Voters may make their choices for each office from any of the candidates, regardless of party.


Held with the general elections, except for those municipalities with the nonpartisan form of government. These are generally held on the second Tuesday in May. Because they are nonpartisan, no primary election is held.


Held for certain types of referenda. Vacant legislative seats are currently filled at the next general election. 


All towns in Camden and Gloucester Counties have now moved their School Board (Board of Education) elections to the November General Election date.


Held in some areas on the third Saturday in February, Not part of the regular election system. Contact your local fire hall for information.



  • Call the clerk in your municipality,

  • the Superintendent of Elections (856-661-3555)

  • or the County Board of Elections ((856) 856-401-VOTE (8683) or 1-800-418-9427).


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