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Voting in Person & by Mail in Ballot


Voting is done in person at the polling place in your electoral district or by mail-in ballot.

Find your local polling place here.

Check out your rights as a voter here (2018 edition).

A sample ballot is mailed to registered voters before all elections (except fire district elections) giving polling places and hours.  If you did not receive a sample ballot by five (5) days before the election, contact the Superintendent of Elections to verify that you are properly registered to vote.  Sample ballots cannot be forwarded, so if you have asked the Post Office to forward your mail around election time, please let the Superintendent of Elections know.

Bring identification to the polls. A picture ID is best, but most documents with your name and address on them will suffice.

First time registrants should receive a voter registration card in the mail.  If you do not receive a card, contact the Superintendent of Elections.

Beginning in 2006, new voting machines have been in use throughout Camden County. The biggest difference between the old large voting machines and the new models is that there is no lever to flip. To cast your vote on the new machines, press a touch pad to place an "X" by your selection. Pressing the same "X" again will undo that selection and allow you to make a different one. When you have finished making all selections, press the large, red "Cast your vote" button to record your vote.

In the past, when you wanted to "write in" a candidate's name, you used a pencil. Now, instead, you will use a keypad located in the bottom center of the machine, directly beneath the ballot, to type the person's name.

Voters may ask at the polls for write-in instructions.

MAIL IN BALLOTS (formerly "Absentee ballots")

New rules as of fall 2018!

Vote by mail applications are available here.

Applications are available by mail or in person from the county clerk. To obtain a ballot by mail, the completed application must be received by the clerk no later than seven (7) days before the election. State your serial number (if applicable), home address, address to which the ballot should be sent. As of 2006, a reason is no longer required. Sign with the same signature used at the polls. Ballot and instructions are mailed to the voter.

No one receiving a mail-in ballot may vote at the polls.

To obtain a ballot in person: within the seven-day period, and until 3 p.m. the day before any election (except fire district), you may vote mail-in by going to the County Clerk’s office and applying for a ballot. You may also send someone as your messenger to obtain your ballot. Under the new 2009 rules, anyone can request mail-in ballots by way of a messenger, not just a voter who is unable to go for himself or herself. The messenger must be either a family member or a registered voter in the same county, will need a photo ID, cannot be a candidate, and can get at most 10 mail-in ballots for voters in that election.

New:You now also have the option to request with a single form that all ballots for all elections be sent to you indefinitely (until you request otherwise). You can also request a vote by mail ballot for a single specific election for that year only. The assumption behind these options appears to be that most people will either want to vote by mail for all elections (hence the first option) or that they will go to the polls unless they are unable, in a specific year, to vote in a specific election (hence the second option).

If you choose the first option (vote by mail in all elections) and don't want to vote in a particular election, just discard the ballot when you receive it.

The biggest problem with vote by mail forms reported by election officials is failure to sign the outside of the envelope. It will not be counted if you don't sign the outside!

They also appear to have slightly loosened the rules for when the ballot is received (in the past they all had to be in by election day). The new rule is, "If returning your Mail-In Ballot in person it must be received by the County Board of Elections before close of polls on Election Day. If returning your Mail-In Ballot by mail, it must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received by the County Board of Elections no later than 48 hours after the time of the closing of the polls for the election."

Check out the NJ Division of Elections web page on voting options for more details and application forms.


May be used, whether registered or not, if you are qualified to vote and are:

1. In the military service or a member of the maritime or merchant service, including spouses and dependents,

2. A patient in a veteran’s hospital or

3. A civilian attached to or serving with the Armed Forces out of this state (or a spouse of dependent residing with or accompanying him or her).

A friend or relative may make application for the military service voter by applying to the county clerk. The voter must register when released from the service, however.

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